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Thema: [ English ] - Keeping memory of on/off circuits for a scene

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    [ English ] - Keeping memory of on/off circuits for a scene

    Hello, I would like to apologize for writing in English and not in German, but unfortunately my German is not so good in order to express my problem here.
    I have a project and I would like when the alarm system activates, to recall a scene. On the scene I will switch on and off some lights. The problem is how to restore the lights on and off to the situation before the alarm.
    A small diagram of my desired function:
    Alarm On ->store status of the lights of all the building that are on and off (let's call this "Memory")
    Alarm On ->Panic Scene
    Alarm Off ->Restore the lights from "Memory"

    I have on my installation products by Siemens, the scene controller N300, the logical link device also N347/02, time switch 372-5EY02.

    I would appreciate any ideas and help!

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    Panic Scene

    Try a different way (if your actor has OR-Logic):

    IN-1 -> your normal Group adress
    IN-2 -> panic-scene - Group adress

    If IN-1 OR IN-2 is "1" the light is on;
    so after reset of IN-2 to "0" the status of IN-1 is still "1" or "0" just as it was before the alarm!

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